20th August 2017


Our song Tightrope was played on BBC Introducing last night. Listen again, 31 minutes in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05bj3pp enter image description here

16th August 2017


We've been recording a whole load of new songs at the Sage Gateshead, for our new album coming out at the end of the year. Have a look at the photos here.

1st August 2017

The Dears

In October, we'll be supporting The Dears and Annie Hart (As seen in the new series of Twin Peaks!!!) at O2 Academy, Newcastle. If you want to be on the guest list for half price tickets, let us know. enter image description here

11th March 2017

Choose Love

Last night, we helped to raise over £6,000. Thanks to everyone who came to see us play a sold out Wylam Brewery. It was great!

25th February 2017

Choose Love @ Wylam Brewery

We can't wait to play this one off charity event on the 10th March at the amazing venue, Wylam Brewery. There'll be craft beers, street food, charity auction and prize raffle in aid of Help Refugees. All for just £10 a ticket.

See you there! www.chooseloveatwylam.co.uk

enter image description here

18th February 2017

Take Time

This year has been pretty productive so far. Here's a new song and new video from our new album, which is coming soon.

8th January 2017

New Tchotchke Video!!!

We're really excited about our new song and video. Both in the process of being made right now!

22nd December 2016

Citywide Blackout

Our first radio play on US radio is tonight, with Boston's Citywide Blackout on WEMF Radio. 8-10 p.m. EST www.wemfradio.com. https://www.facebook.com/citywideblackout

15th December 2016

Tinsel and True Love

We played at the Butterfly Cabinet as part of a Christmas extravaganza. Watch our Daniel Johnston cover of True Love. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

26th November 2016

Our first acoustic set

We've had a bit of a nightmare recently. Our guitarist managed to tear a tendon in his finger, so needs to let it heal for a while and our bass player pulled his back, meaning he's out of action for a couple of weeks. Before we can get anyone to temporarily fill their space, we decided to go ahead and play as a three piece and worked out a few new songs that would suit a stripped down set. Here's our new song called Water.

16th October 2016

Newcastle Oxjam Festival, 10th Anniversary

enter image description here This was one of the best shows we've played so far. The room was empty when we were about to start but within seconds, the it reached full capacity. Everyone was dancing and loved our new songs, including our new single Path Of Least Resistance. It was a great experience to play with so many talented bands for such a good cause. Thanks to everyone who came.

7th September 2016

Crack Magazine EP Review

"The local band (Washington, I think) turned plenty of heads at Evolution Emerging with little wonder as they play the kind of inventive indie-rock that you'd be proud to give a home to. This four tracker is simply splendid: from the expansive wide-screen theatrics of 50,000 Miles to the undercooked bliss of By Heart to the garage drone of Turn Yourself Around to the fried lullaby of Blue Monday. They're a band who turn their gaze away from their shoes and up to the stars. DP"

5th September 2016

NARC Interview

Here's a brilliant interview with Claire Dupree for our official launch of our Lost & Found EP. "...It’s Leon’s soft, introspective vocal style that makes Tchotchke’s sound all his own. There are elements of Blackflower’s shoegazey style, particularly in the breezy By Heart, with its delightful chorus and a melody that makes you want to sway gently, staring into the distance; but then there’s the twinkly synth and sprawling guitar howl of EP opener 50,000 Miles, where Leon’s soft vocals take a backseat to the nagging guitar lines. Turn Yourself Around’s fuzzy rush of guitar and the epic Blue Monday’s gentle strains of languorous percussion mean that Lost & Found is an eclectic affair, and that may have something to do with the vast array of music he finds inspiration in. “The music I’ve been listening to recently includes R. Stevie Moore – the legend of home recording – Beck and Harry Nielson. They don’t tie themselves down to a specific style of music, which is liberating. I don’t want to paint myself into a genre corner and it’s always good to try new things.”...

Read more here: http://narcmagazine.com/interview-tchotchke/

27th June 2016

EP Review

"Phenomenal new E.P. from this Newcastle, Upon Tyne based project. Opening track "50,000 Miles" is a melodic blast of energetic rock n roll and features one of the best hooks I've heard in sometime. The atmospheric tone of "By Heart" adds a soothing element to the mix while "Turn Yourself Around" is an indie pop banger backed by a powerful beat and captivating chorus. Layers of shimmering synths move with liquid like flow throughout their highly crafted rendition of Neil Young's "I've Been Waiting For You" before giving way to closing number "Blue Monday". No it's not a cover of the New Order classic but a highly textured ambient piece that reminds me of a lost Eno/Lanois collaboration. A unique and inviting E.P. that really sparks my interest and leaves me wanting more." Custommademusic

19th May, 2016

New T-Shirts Available

New Tchotchke T-Shirt, designed by Patrick Wray enter image description here

12th May, 2016

Gigs North East Interview

Read our interview with Gigs North East which includes, musical influences, why you should come and see us at Evolution Emerging 2016 and an awkward Drew Barrymore email faux pas.http://www.gigsnortheast.co.uk/evo-artist-spotlight-tchotchke/

29th April 2016

NARC: By Heart Review

A shimmering star of a melody hides behind a lazy, hazy production that ticks all the right boxes on the survey that asks: “Is this cool?” Steady away before the intro is subverted by a wailing distorted lead line that, rather than jarring you awake, helps you onto a little boat and makes you stop gazing at your shoes and look upwards to the now billowing sail. A sail filled with a warm wind blowing in from the psych-psych-west. The vocals are fairly downbeat and even though they sound a bit Stone Rosey they manage to keep you involved and interested. Excellent early effort. They’re playing Evolution Emerging at the end of the month so go and see how this translates live.

26th April 2016

NE:MM Festival Preview

"Tchotchke’s shoegaze-infused guitar pop will be a great introduction to this years’ festival, being one of the first acts to play."http://nemm.org.uk/magazine/popular/popular-gig-previews/preview-evolution-emerging/

8th April 2016

EVO Artist Focus Piece

Kicking off the night at Cobalt in a little over six weeks time is Tchotchke, the solo project of Leon Tighe who collaborates with an ever-changing cast of friends and musicians for recordings and live shows.http://evolutionemerging.com/post/142452912842/artist-focus-piece-26-tchotchke

29th February 2016

Evolution Emerging Announcement

Generator announces the biggest Evolution Emerging lineup yet. Can't wait to open this festival! http://evolutionemerging.com/lineup

2nd December 2015

The Crack Single Review

"If you’re going to release your debut single in December then why not make it a festive one? But this isn’t likely to soundtrack any John Lewis ad any time soon as it’s inbued with an indie melancholia that I find rather appealing. “Take my hand, and don’t let go, we will make it through December” is hardly “I wish it could be Christmas every day” but, hey, I’m all for a more downbeat take on this season of excess.” JL

29th November

2015, NARC: Doorstep Interview

Leon Tighe, aka Tchotchke, talks about his first single, a Christmas song full of festive melancholia, tinsel and regret. http://narcmagazine.com/doorstep-interview-tchotchke/ enter image description here

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